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Bibs and Burp Cloths

Babies may be small, but they can make a big mess. Burp cloths and bibs can be crucial for protecting your clothes and your child's from spit-up, drool and food residue.

Newborns spit up all the time, so when you're burping your baby — or even just carrying them on your shoulder — you'll want a burp cloth to protect your top. Babies also drool a lot, especially when teething, so you may want to protect your baby's clothes with a small cloth bib, or drool bib. Cloth bibs can also be useful for bottle feeding, to protect against drips and spills.

Once your baby starts eating solid foods, you'll probably want larger bibs for extra protection. Molded plastic bibs are popular for solid feeding and are especially good for when your child starts eating finger foods, since they often feature a rigid pocket that allows babies and toddlers to retrieve dropped foods for another try.

For the most protection, consider a bib with sleeves. Sleeved bibs have a smock-like design and are a good choice for babies and toddlers who feed themselves.

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