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Travel Systems

Travel systems, or stroller sets, consist of a chassis, a removable stroller seat and an infant car seat. The car seat can be connected to the chassis in place of the stroller seat. This makes travel systems convenient for car travel — just stow the chassis in the trunk, and when you arrive at your destination, you can lift the car seat out, baby and all, and place it in the chassis. You can even make the transfer while your baby is asleep.

Another advantage to travel systems is that they often offer great value, since you get a stroller and car seat in one. They also offer longevity: most are suitable for newborns, and as your child grows older, they can generally continue to use the stroller with the regular seat.

As you shop for a travel system, consider what features you may find useful. Some travel systems are jogging strollers, while others are designed for lightness and portability. Many include storage space, a tray for the baby and a cup holder for you.

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