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Blenders can make a great addition to your supply of kitchen appliances. At US Deal Mall, you'll find a wide variety of blenders, all at Every Day Low Prices.

Blenders come in two major types: upright blenders, or stand blenders, and handheld blenders. An upright blender consists of a pitcher on top of a base, which contains a motor that turns the blades. Upright blenders are good for mixing cold, liquidy foods and beverages, as long as they fit in the pitcher. Handheld blenders, also called immersion blenders or stick blenders, can be used to mix liquids or puree foods that are impractical to put into a stand blender. A handheld blender consists of a handle with a spinning blade, which is submerged directly into the food being mixed, so you can use it for pureeing soup while it cooks.

Juicers come in many different types. Reamers are used for juicing citrus fruits and can be manual or electric. Other types can juice a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. Centrifugal juicers cut up produce with a flat blade and then spin it to separate the juice from the pulp. They're generally affordable and easy to use. A masticating juicer, also called a slow juicer or cold press, uses a single auger to crush produce into smaller sections and then squeezes out the juice along a static screen while expelling the pulp. These are somewhat more expensive but can get you more juice with less pulp and less foam. Titurating juicers, also called dual-gear or twin-gear juicers, use two blades to crush and press produce. These juicers can be more pricey but are very efficient.