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Night Stands

A night stand is a small table or cabinet that usually sits beside a bed. It can serve as a convenient spot to place a lamp or alarm clock, to store books or to set down a glass of water.

When shopping for a night stand, pay attention to height. Many people prefer to have a night stand that's about the same height as their mattress for easy access. However, if you like to read in bed, you may prefer a slightly taller nightstand so that you can position a lamp to shine over your shoulder and onto the pages of your book or magazine. A slightly shorter nightstand can have a chic, modern look.

Another factor to consider is storage. If you want to store books in your night stand, choose one with large shelves. For small items like remote controls, you'll want a nightstand with one or more drawers. Some night stand drawers have small storage areas for eyeglasses and larger areas for bigger items, such as linens.

Choose a nightstand that matches your existing bedroom decor and is aesthetically pleasing to you. Night stands come in a wide range of materials, colors and styles, so you'll have many options to choose from.

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