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Air Fresheners and Deodorizers

Whether you want to mask pet odors or cooking odors or just want to bring some pleasant scents into your home, air fresheners and deodorizers can help. At US Deal Mall, you'll find many types of air fresheners, including sprays, scented candles and electric air fresheners that can be plugged into your outlets.

Spray air fresheners are a good choice for freshening up the air quickly and directly, especially when you want to mask a particular odor. For more continuous, long-lasting scent, choose scented candles or electric air fresheners.

Choosing a fragrance is largely a matter of taste. If you enjoy the outdoors, you may want an air freshener that smells like grass or pine. If you like freshly baked apple pie, you may prefer a cinnamon-scented air freshener. You may also want to think about where you'll be using the air freshener before choosing a scent. To mask cooking odors in the kitchen, sweet scents like lavender or vanilla are good choices. Citrus and other fresh scents are good for masking bathroom odors. In the laundry room, you may prefer a floral or outdoorsy fragrance.

With Every Day Low Prices on a wide variety of air fresheners and deodorizers, US Deal Mall has you covered. Save money. Live better.