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Tips for Buying Greenhouses

Start early and grow late into the season with US Deal Mall's excellent selection of greenhouses that protect tender plants from harsh conditions and give you control over your growing environment.


  • Best for Light Protection: If what you need is extra frost protection, consider one of our shrub or frost covers or our portable greenhouses.
  • Best for Beginners: We carry several mini greenhouses that are the ideal starting point for anyone new to greenhouse gardening. Choose from walk-in and compact options that offer space efficiency.
  • Best for Serious Gardeners: Our more permanent greenhouses offer features such as shelving, ventilation and a durable frame. We also carry numerous accessories to add to your greenhouse, including extra shelves, seed starters, vent kits, fans, cooling systems and heaters.


  • Replaceable greenhouse covers add versatility for gardeners on the move.
  • Shelving expands your growing capabilities by allowing you to fit more into your greenhouse.
  • Extras such as fans, heaters and coolers let you overcome weather conditions .