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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil. It sounds impossible, but many plants only need water and nutrients to thrive. Traditionally, plants get nutrients from soil, but in a hydroponic system, the water itself is infused with nutrients, so no soil is needed, resulting in several advantages over conventional cultivation. Hydroponic systems can work indoors, so you can grow vegetables throughout the year without worrying about bad weather. Some crops can produce higher yields when grown hydroponically because when the plants dip their roots directly into nutrient-rich solutions, they can get the things they need more easily than plants growing in soil, so they grow smaller roots and focus more on leaf and steam growth. Hydroponic plants can also grow more closely together and more quickly. You'll find all the equipment you'll need for an efficient hydroponic system at

First, you'll need a container for your plants. The container determines what kind of grow media, seeds or pods will work. Then, look for nutrients and vitamin solutions that are formulated to nourish your plants. You'll also need grow lights that provide both heat and light. Grow kits will include all the equipment you need to get started with hydroponic indoor gardening.

Alternatively, consider an all-in-one system like a hydroponicum or hydroponic growing box. These boxes can be small enough to be placed on a kitchen counter, making them perfect for fresh herbs, and many are automated, notifying you when you need to make changes to light, nutrients and water. These all-in-one systems are a great way to discover the world of hydroponics — and enjoy true farm-to-table ingredients at home — without having to construct your own hydroponic system from scratch.