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Watering and Irrigation

You can't maintain your garden or your lawn without a source of water. At, you'll find garden hoses, rain barrels, nozzles, irrigation kits and more to create an easy and efficient watering system.

Investing in a garden hose is usually the first step. Garden hoses transport water from your home's outdoor spigot. If you're concerned about clutter, consider a hose reel or hose reel cart, or conceal hoses with a hideaway. You can then attach a variety of tools to the open end of the hose like nozzles, wands and sprinklers. Nozzles give you more control over the water's flow rate, wands are useful for reaching hanging plants and baskets, while sprinklers water large areas (they're also fun to play in during the summer!).

Benefits of irrigation systems

Irrigation systems may seem complicated at first, but they can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. They can provide water for many different plants at once, and they can help conserve water and prevent overwatering by diverting the water just to where it's needed, at the roots of the plant. For extra convenience, connect an irrigation system to a watering timer. These timers can hook up between the spigot and the hose to automate watering, and you can set them to a schedule so they'll provide the exact amount of water your plants need, when they need it. With a faucet timer, you can even go on vacation without having to find someone to water your plants for you while you're away.