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Outdoor soft foam and blaster toys

Skirmishes with soft foam and blaster toys can be one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon outdoors with friends. It's also a great way to level the field between kids and adults and still have loads of laughs. (Here's a little secret: lots of adults play with soft foam and blaster toys, and they even collect them as a hobby.) Foam darts, discs, rockets and balls are launched from soft foam and blaster toys. The projectiles are made from light polyurethane material, which is designed to avoid puncturing skin.

  • What's the best age for soft foam and blaster toys? Always check the package for age recommendations. Soft foam and blaster toys often have small parts, which can be hazardous to younger children and toddlers. However, it's best to give children older than 5 or 6 a simple, soft foam and blaster toy. For very young children, consider foam cars in neon colors.
  • Can soft foam and blaster toys be used indoors? Though soft foam and blaster toys are best used outdoors where there's space, you can use some smaller models indoors. Soft darts, discs, rockets and balls tend to get lost faster and easier outdoors, but they tend to break or crack indoors when they hit harder surfaces at a shorter distance.
  • Should my child wear protection with soft foam and blaster toys? Soft foam and blaster toys are the safest when shooting foam darts and balls from a distance and especially when the darts, discs, rockets and balls are aimed away from the face when in battle with friends. It's always best to wear protective eyewear regardless of age.
  • Are soft foam and blaster toys a healthy toy for kids? If you want your child rolling in laughter, then, yes, soft foam and blaster toys are healthy toys for kids. Many kids play with toy guns, and soft ones not only look like they come right out of a fantasy, but they're also safer than other types of toy guns thanks to the foam darts, rockets and balls.
  • Is foam ammunition washable? It's best to keep foam ammunition dry. Use straight and undamaged, un-deteriorating foam ammunition in blasters. If ammunition becomes lodged or stuck in blaster toys, there is typically an access slide that can be opened to remove jammed pieces.
  • How can kids use soft foam and blaster toys for parties? Soft foam and blaster toy battles are popular party games. Kids love seeing the foam darts, discs, rockets and balls flying into the air. Pair that with lots of running around, and you'll have a party full of exhausted kids soon enough. Ask guests to bring their own soft foam and blaster toys, but have plenty on hand for those who don't own them or who forget to bring them. You can always have your child give each guest the same size soft foam and blaster toy as a party favor just remember to choose a model that doesn't need batteries. Remember to have ample darts, discs, rockets or balls on hand and you may want to have all of the toys in the same color so there won't be any real battles between guests. If you prefer to find a place away from your home to hold a soft foam toy and blaster party, consider a park where there's plenty of room to run around and no fine china on display for flying foam to damage.

Types of soft foam and blaster toys

  • Gun blasters are lightweight and have many different designs with various numbers of chambers that accept and shoot out darts, discs, rockets or balls. Models come motorized or manual (non-motorized). Motorized models let your kids shoot rounds of ammunition at accelerated speeds and more accurately. Manual versions are slower when it comes to shooting ammunition, but they're not any less fun.
  • Water blasters are popular for summertime. Water shoots out of a soft foam water blaster with more range, accuracy and power than traditional squirt guns, and they'll safely drench anyone who gets within aiming distance.
  • Ammunition includes packages of rubber-tipped foam darts, discs, rockets and balls in various color combinations that fit the chambers of a soft foam blaster. Refill packages come in all sizes, up to 400 pieces. Darts have various features, including sound makers (whistles), long-range, suction-cupped and some foam darts even have small LED lights embedded in them for nighttime game fun. Some darts fit clip systems on foam blasters and into pockets on tactical vests designed to fit soft foam blaster players.
  • Other foam toys enhance your child's play battle by engaging other types of targeting skills, such as soft foam bows that also use soft foam darts. For classic fun, multi-colored or solid neon-colored foam footballs, basketball hoops and basketballs keep kids active and safe.